Black and white image of a 1960s student working on an early IBM computer

Staying Afloat and Learning to Think

IIHR alumnus Fred Locher has some good stories to tell about his student days at the institute.
A young man smiles at the camera while holding a book

Propelled into the Future

Graduate student Mehedi Bappy came to IIHR to pursue a career in waterways and vessel engineering.
Aerial photo of Stanley Hydraulics Lab and the Iowa River with the cover of IIHR Currents

Working Hard and Having Fun

Laura Myers is one of the people at IIHR whom everyone depends on — and not only for a smile or a laugh.
A huge water scales was part of the exhibit

A River Flowed Through It: IIHR’s Legacy in Fluid Mechanics

Early in 2020, IIHR and the Old Capitol Museum partnered to create a centennial exhibition that celebrates the institute’s important contributions to fluids-related research. Titled “A River Flowed Through It: Iowa’s Legacy in Fluid Mechanics,” the exhibit brings IIHR’s extraordinary history to life through artifacts, storytelling, and historical photos.
Closeup of a coronavirus

The Surprising Science of COVID-19

H.S. Udaykumar, a professor of mechanical engineering, is part of a team conducting COVID-19 research to study how long viruses can survive in droplets that land on different surfaces.
Magnified image of air filter fibers.

A Recipe for Better Masks

IIHR Research Engineer David Cwiertny decided to shift his research from water filtration to air filtration materials for use in masks.
Researchers test ventilation in a classroom

Safer Classrooms

IIHR Research Engineer Charles Stanier was part of an effort to learn which classrooms at the University of Iowa (UI) are the safest for in-person classes.
map of the western United States showing drought conditions in early 2020

Does Less Pollution Mean Less Precipitation?

A NASA-funded study at IIHR explores connections between reduced air pollution due to COVID-19 and decreases in precipitation in the western United States
Three people look down into a hole in the ground

llluminating the Subsurface

IIHR researcher Jessica Meyer is working
to develop new insights on how groundwater
moves and innovative ways to characterize
its flow.
A red barn and other farm buildings surrounded by vegetables planted in lush rows.

Planting the Seed: Connecting with the Land and Local History

In Iowa, we hear a lot about the rural-urban divide. But near Iowa City, there’s a place for all Iowans, where urban and rural meet in a unique and productive way — the Johnson County Historic Poor Farm.